Our feelings aren’t the same. We both love one another. There’s no doubt in that. But I just wish you loved me a little different than you do… Advertisements


This king size bed Is way too big For me to sleep Alone in it I need your arms A warm embrace A goodnight kiss A safe place I need you here By my side Singing me a lullaby Without you What am I? Nothing Nothing N o t h i n g

Brown eyes

I am honestly very upset that a lot of people don’t like their eyes because they’re brown. Unfortunately, I have blue eyes. (Depends on who you ask, they’re mostly blue but also kind of grey? Idk?) To tell you the truth, I love brown eyes. Am absolutely mesmerised by almost every pair of brown eyes … More Brown eyes

Not that good

I’m a dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was around 7 and haven’t stopped since. I started with ballet and jazz but after a certain age the school I was with stopped teaching you jazz, which I liked the most so I went to another dancing school. Now I’m in a group called “16+” which … More Not that good


I want to be remembered but no one is immortal​ I want to be unique but everything has already been done before I want to be inspiring but I know my words don’t mean much I want to be kind but I know I can’t be all the time And I want to love with … More Immortal

Coming out story!!

As I’ve actually never told before on here, I’m Bisexual. 🎉 (Yay) The way I came out towards my family is actually kind or idiotic. Now, I just want to say that not everyone in my environment knows about this because I’m afraid for some of their reactions. I first came out towards my older … More Coming out story!!


I came to the conclusion that I wanted to tell more about myself, I also came to the conclusion that I cannot do that if I don’t actually start talking. Honestly, a lot has happened in my life, good stuff, but also bad. Not all will be shared here but I hope to be able … More Experiences