I really like this guy, who right now is really happy with a girl that isn’t me. But you know what? I couldn’t be happier, because he’s happy. And I think this is what love really is.

Not that good

I’m a dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was around 7 and haven’t stopped since. I started with ballet and jazz but after a certain age the school I was with stopped teaching you jazz, which I liked the most so I went to another dancing school. Now I’m in a group called “16+” which … More Not that good


I want to be remembered but no one is immortal​ I want to be unique but everything has already been done before I want to be inspiring but I know my words don’t mean much I want to be kind but I know I can’t be all the time And I want to love with … More Immortal


How unfortunate that I am not her For she is everything you want Everything you need You claim Her name slips from your lips And leaves me broken As I’ve never heard you talk so soft Soft like the rain Tapping on my window this night Soft like my tears Falling on my pillow Soft … More Unfortunate


You know what’s ironic? I’m kind of into, (kind of meaning I’ve fallen head over heels in love) with a close friend. The thing is, he’s into his best friend. He’s going through this whole crisis where he’s helping her with feelings for another while he likes her. And I’m helping him with feelings for … More Irony


I came to the conclusion that I wanted to tell more about myself, I also came to the conclusion that I cannot do that if I don’t actually start talking. Honestly, a lot has happened in my life, good stuff, but also bad. Not all will be shared here but I hope to be able … More Experiences


I can hear whispers in the wind Every secret ever told belongs there Safe and unheard Only some can hear them For only they care to listen I close my eyes Take it in Try to catch what they’re saying But they’re always just out of my reach